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Keeping your pets safe in Summer

Here are our 10 top tips to keep your pets safe, happy and healthy this summer!


1. Allow free access to cool, clean water.

Ensure all of your pets have a water bowl they are comfortable using. Sometimes it can help to add ice cubes to their water to chill it but it is best to supervise this for the first time as some pets may be put off by foreign objects in their water.

We recommend filling one or two spare water bowls or buckets just in case one gets knocked over, dirtied or emptied while you are not home.


2. Keep cool.

If you have air conditioning inside and are able to bring pets inside comfortably please do. Some animals may panic if they are not used to being inside the house so it is important to work on this during cooler months to ensure they are prepared to enter the house safely. Small pets such as mice, birds and rats should not be under the direct flow of the air conditioner but still kept in a cool room on very hot days.


3. Stay on top of your parasite prevention.

Animals who are using their energy to scratch and chew at themselves will overheat quicker than calm, still pets. We all suffer from fleas in the warmer months so it is very important to have a product that you know and trust and continue on your routine schedule throughout summer.


4. Naked bellies are cool bellies.

Some pets may appreciate having a quick groom just before summer. This can just be their stomach so they can cool their bodies quicker by lying on tiles or cool concrete but also exposes the skin to heat, it is best to speak with us or a breed specific groomer before undergoing this task.


5. Keep it shady.

One of the RSPCA's requirements for a pet safe area is to have adequate shade from the elements. In summer this could mean access to underneath a roof or a shady spot under the trees. Try to keep this area clear for your pet. Some will dig a small indent to lie in, this helps cool their bodies as well.


6. Sunscreen exists for animals too.

Don't let white, light skinned or pink nosed pets sunbake in the yard during the sunny days. Any pet who has a short coat or exposed skin can and will suffer from excruciating sunburn which can in turn cause melanomas if the skin is consistantly damaged. If you are interested in pet sunscreen or pet friendly zinc give us a call on (02) 4959 5766.


7. Frozen foods.

Add some of your pets favourite foods into an empty ice cream container and then fill it with water and freeze. This will keep your pet entertained and cool while not working up too much of a sweat.


8. Parvovirus protection.

Please ensure your dog is fully up to date with their vaccinations. Deadly virus' like the Parvovirus are much more active in the summer months and people are much more likely to be walking their dogs who could be carriers or even infected themselves. If you are unsure of your pets vaccination history please give us a call on (02) 4959 5766.


9. Padded feet will burn.

Avoid exercising your dog in the heat of the day. The ground can get extremely hot and if you wouldn't walk barefoot then you cannot expect your pooch to do so. If you feel your dog desperately needs exercise that day then do so just before sunrise or in the evening if a cool change has come through.


10. No exercise neccessary

Do not take your dog to the park or the beach or out to play on hot days. You may think they will do themselves good to cool off at the beach or the pool but your pet will reheat quickly with the excitement of seeing other people or dogs and this could do much more damage then just staying home, cool and dry in the air conditioning.


If you think your dog is suffering from heat stress please call us immediately on (02) 4959 5766.


If you see a dog locked in a car and they are in distress please contact your local police station immediately or call the RSPCA on (02) 9770 7555

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