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Caring For Your Rabbit

Rabbits require constant access to fresh hay. 

Around 75% of their diet should be good quality grass hay such as Timothy, Botanical, Oaten or Orchard. They are designed to digest leaves and stems and a good quality grass hay will help to keep their digestive tract moving. Grinding fibrous hay all day will keep their teeth worn down to avoid expensive dental problems due to the fact that their teeth grow constantly throughout their lives.


An ideal Rabbit diet includes unlimited grass hay and a limited amount of herbs and greens.

Greens and herbs recommended for rabbits include: Cos, Bok Choy, Butter Lettuce, Asian Greens, Red Leaf lettuce, Coriander, Parsley, Mint, Carrot Tops, Basil, Dandelion Greens and Curly Kale.


Rabbits are not designed to eat grains, nuts seeds and corn.

While grains, nuts and seeds may be healthy for us humans, rabbits are simply not designed to digest starch and those ingredients are full of starch. They can cause obesity in rabbits which is one of the most common problems rabbits can face.


Seed mixes are not recommended.

Mixes can usually be found containing: sunflower seeds, oats, chaff and they allow the rabbit to pick and choose what they would like to eat. Just like us they will usually pick the good tasting stuff and ignore the healthy ingredients they need to survive. High quality fortified hay pellets are a healthier option and your rabbit will usually enjoy the taste of these.


Think about bringing your bunny inside.

Many of our rabbit patients are now found living inside the family home. This way they are protected from roaming animals who may look to harm them, deadly Myxomatosis carrying mosquitos, summer heat and the winter cold and rain. Rabbits can be easily litter trained and quickly become valued members of the house. Remember to rabbit proof your house before bringing them inside. All power cords should be secured out of their reach and ensure you don't have any pot plants which could be toxic if ingested.


Protect your rabbit from Calicivirus and Myxomatosis.

These two diseases are deadly and always present in our Lake Macquarie area. We can vaccinate against Callicivirus and recommend booking an appointment with the vet to discuss your rabbits health, your bunny will recieve a bull health check and also a vaccination against the deadly disease. There is no Myxomatosis vaccine in Australia and there is currently no treatment for it either meaning it is a fatal illness. Myxomatosis is spread via biting insects such as mosquitos so by having mosquito proof netting or keeping your rabbit inside you are almost eliminating that risk.





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