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Important Puppy & Kitten Information


  • Kitten1st: 6 – 8 weeks
  • 2nd: 12 – 14 weeks
  • 3rd: 16 – 18 weeks

Then every 12 months thereafter.

Intestinal Worming

  • Every 2 weeks until 16 weeks of age, then
  • Every month until 6 months of age, then
  • Every 3 months for life.

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm prevention should be started before your pup/kitten reaches 12 weeks or at the time of its second vaccination.

You can opt for monthly chewables/tablets or a yearly injection.

Flea Control

There are many options available at our clinics with most being monthly applications that you use orally or topically.


This is compulsory in NSW and should be done before 6 months of age. Some vets/owners prefer to wait and have this done whilst the pup is anaesthetized for desexing.


Both male and female puppies and kittens should be desexed early in life unless they are to be used for breeding. Our clinic recommends surgery at around 5 – 6 months of age. It is not necessary for a bitch/queen to have a litter before being speyed. Having them speyed will stop unwanted attention from males, unwanted litters and means she will be less likely to develop uterine and mammary problems later in life.

Having a male castrated will help minimise problems such as aggression and territorial behaviour and will lower the risk of problems like prostate disease and testicular cancer.

A desexed dog is cheaper to register and easier to own.

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