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Canine Heat Cycle

Have you ever gotten completely confused trying to figure out your female dogs cycle? It can be a confusing time whether you are trying to get her pregnant or avoid pregnancy.

The canine Estrus cycle contains four stages:

• Pro - Estrus (7-9 day duration)...
You may notice vulval swelling, straw coloured discharge but your female will not yet allow the male to mount her.

• Estrus (7-9 day duration)
Her discharge is now bloody and can also be quite watery, this indicates that she will allow the male to mount her very soon.

• An - Estrus (7-9 day duration)
Your female is now coming off heat, her discharge has returned to a straw like colour.

• Di - Estrus
The period of time after An-Estrus and before Pro-Estrus.

Most female dogs will come into their first heat roughly around 6 months of age and will come into heat twice a year.


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