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Canine Epilepsy

Looking to learn more about canine epilepsy?

First things first, what is canine epilepsy? It is a periodic disease, characterized by seizures (convulsions) with partial or complete loss of consciousness.

These seizures are often recurring and can be brought on by many things such as toxins, disease and even genetics.

Is my dog at risk?

It is difficult to predict which dogs will suffer from canine epilepsy unless it runs in their family lines. Dogs of all ages can be affected however it is generally seen in dogs aged between 1 and 5 years old.

Any seizures in dogs younger than 1 and older than 5 are more likely to have been caused by other diseases and illnesses.

How can I protect my epileptic dog from seizures?

If your dog has had a seizure, a vet check should be performed as soon as possible; this may include blood testing to find out what caused your dog to start fitting.

Medications exist to prevent, or greatly reduce, the amount of seizures had as well as their intensity and impact on your dog. Once you have started medicating your dog following your vet's instructions, seizures can still occur for up to 2 weeks until the correct levels of medication are reached in your dog's blood and brain.

How can I help my dog?

You can help your dog by closely monitoring during seizures and convulsions. Keep a detailed record of how often your dog has fits, how long the fit lasted and how long it took your dog to completely return to normal after suffering a seizure.

You also play a huge role in your pet's treatment, as it is up to you to strictly follow your vet's advice and report back with your findings and observations.

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