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Grooming and clipping your pet is a wonderful way to give your pet a treat, keep him or her happy and comfortable, prevent skin problems and treat existing skin problems.

All pets should become accustomed to being combed and brushed. This allows you to check your pet regularly for fleas, ticks or any potential problems. Regular grooming, with particular attention to problem areas such as ears and body folds, will help maintain a healthy coat.

And it's not just dogs who benefit from regular grooming! We also have the pleasure of meeting rabbits and cats who also are clipped if neccessary, bathed and blowdried.

Hydrobathing is excellent as the water penetrates deeply into your pet’s coat, ridding them of any build up of bacteria and harmful yeasts (Malassezia).

For our hydrobaths, we use the best shampoos and conditioners appropriate to your pet’s skin. We also clip your pet’s nails and clean ears if necessary.

All clips, grooms and hydrobaths at our clinics are carried out by fully trained professional vet nurses.

When your pet is discharged you will receive a report on the condition of its skin, ears, eyes and nails. Clipping and hydrobathing is wonderful therapy for pets with skin problems. If done regularly, it can avoid medication having to be given.

Our grooming packages include:

  • Clip of your choice
  • Massaging hydrobath
  • All nails assessed and clipped
  • Ears assessed, cleaned and plucked
  • Warming blowdry or towel dry
  • Full brushing and combing
  • Fresh smelling deodorisers to extend that freshly pampered scent

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