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Digital X-ray Images - making the X-ray process quicker, easier and safer

Advanced X-Ray Imaging

Veterinary surgeries have X-ray imaging and processing to provide insight into the health and wellbeing of our beloved pets; however, you may not be aware that our clinic has digital imaging technology.

Dr. Paul and Nurse Jess preparing a patient for x-ray imaging

Pictured above are examples of measurements taken from the bone

Pictured above is the Scan-X Digital Xray processor which we currently use in clinic

With this new machine we are able to use our X-ray camera to capture the image and within minutes use the Scan-X Digital machine to develop the high definition image at no extra cost to you, our loyal client. This process has proven to be fast, dependable, accurate and we end up with higher quality images which means its easier for our vets to diagnose a patient and to talk the client through what they are seeing on the image.

Furthermore, once the image has been automatically sent to the high res computer, the high quality image paired with a high quality monitor allows our vets to not only view the image, but also to manipulate, magnify and electronically store the x-rays.

We also offer a referral service if need be, this technology allows us to quickly and easily upload images to be passed onto the required specialist.

Our top of the range technology ultimately gives us the ability to diagnose faster and therefore provide more treatment options.

So, if your pet requires an x-ray or you'd like to know more, phone (02) 49595766 and chat to one of our friendly staff today.

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