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DNA Testing for Mixed Breed Dogs

Ever wondered exactly which breeds make up your dog's family tree?

Well wonder no longer! Westlakes Vet Hospital has decided to offer DNA testing for mixed breed dogs.

All we need from you is 15 minutes of your time and just 0.5ml of blood from your dog! In return you will receive a 4-chapter booklet with details of:

  • Exactly which breeds your dog has DNA from, all the way up to maternal and paternal great-grandparents
  • Breed behaviour and appearance to help you recognise these breeds within your dog
  • Appearance, behaviour and breed history
  • A specifically tailored care and wellness program, with $10 off the next bag of Advance purchased within our clinic.

As if all of this information isn't enough, you will also be issued with an official certificate stating exactly which breeds are involved in your dog's genetic makeup.

Knowledge of your dog's DNA is important to their health and wellbeing

The smarter you are about your dog's past, the smarter you can be about his or her future. Dogs, just like people, inherit physical and character traits from breeds in their family tree. They also pass along genetic disorders from generation to generation.

Your mixed breed dog is a mixed bag of genetic traits. Understanding their ancestry is crucial to creating the most effective health and wellness program.

The ADVANCE Mixed Breed Identification DNA Test removes the guesswork for both you and your veterinarian. The test can help clear the confusion, unlocking secrets hidden in your dog's DNA.

By learning the breeds in your dog's DNA, you can make it easier for your veterinarian to customise the most effective training, nutrition and medical treatment for your pet.

With just a simple blood sample, the ADVANCE Mixed Breed Identification DNA Test can provide you and your pet with information which helps to:

  • DISCOVER your dogs genetic make up back to their great grandparents by comparing their genetic signature with more than 200 breeds, types and varieties.
  • PREDICT your dog's target genetic adult weight range
  • DETERMINE your dog's recommended nutritional program, and create an effective care and wellness program in conjunction with your veterinarian.
  • OBTAIN a better understanding of your dog's breed-related behavioural characteristics.
  • PRE-SCREEN for your dog's breed related risk of developing certain genetic diseases*

Sample report for "Sheldon"

Pictured below are 2 pages of Nurse Heidi's mixed breed dog "Sheldon's" detailed report.

Above you can see Sheldon's breed workup, but you're not left guessing with the mixed breeds either. See below where ADVANCE have gone one step further and analysed the DNA to calculate which breeds make up the smaller part of Sheldon's intricate DNA.

* Available upon request and at additional cost, for up to three months using the same blood sample.

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