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Six Abandoned Puppies

Being a vet nurse isn't all fun and games.

In the midst of a busy morning filled with consults, phone calls and all the usual action you're likely to see in a vet clinic on a summer morning, a local neighbour comes through the front door with a huge tub covered with a towel. We can see that the towel is moving and the client is struggling with the weight of the tub so obviously our curiosity is peaked! Upon helping with the tub and removing the towel we are shocked and upset.

Six bullmastiff mix puppies, all severely emaciated and terrified.

We do not know anything about the background of these puppies, but we do know they need immediate attention.

When an animal has been starved or underfed for a long period of time, it can be extremely dangerous to over feed them in the first few days, so we had to monitor ourselves and stop ourselves from wanting to fill their tiny bellies with warm and nutritious food.

The pups all responded to the kindness from our nurses and soon were running around as if they owned the place.

None of the puppies were microchipped so we called on our local Lake Macquarie City Council ranger to come and collect the litter, they were transferred to the RSPCA Rutherford where they could get all the TLC they needed and then, when they are healthy and strong, find loving homes of their own!

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