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Westlakes Veterinary Hospital

Westlakes Veterinary Hospital


Meet Our Team

Dr Joshua Dabrowski bought Westlakes Veterinary Hospital in July 2020 and is pleased to continue the forty year legacy of caring service left by Dr John Hayes.

Originating from South Africa, Dr Dabrowski qualified in the top 5 of his class in 2005 and has years of experience in small animal diagnostics and advanced surgery.

Together with his business partner, he ran an extremely successful and continuously expanding Small Animal practice in Johannesburg before immigrating to Australia in 2018. After two years of working at a busy practice on the Central Coast, he is excited by the opportunity to lead Westlakes Veterinary Hospital in its next season of growth.

Dr Josh is passionate about surgery and grew his abilities and experience under the mentorship of a surgeon specialist in South Africa. He has extensive experience in advanced surgical cases ranging from complex orthopaedic surgeries (such as spinal decompressions, joint surgeries, and fracture repairs) to complex soft tissue surgeries (such as ear-nose-throat procedures on short faced breeds, advanced abdominal surgeries and eye surgeries). He is motivated by the challenge of working up difficult cases, aiming for high standards of veterinary clinical practice. Renowned for his warm and sincere manner, he enjoys interacting with his clients and caring for their pets throughout their journeys.

Dr Josh is married with three young children. When not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family, doing DIY projects, being outdoors, bird watching and gardening. With a life- long passion for animals, he has always had a menagerie of pets in his keep; from Great Danes to Guinea Pigs, tortoises to tropical fish, and many other feathered, scaled and furry creatures in all shapes and sizes.

Our Nurses

Nurse Heidi

Heidi is our Head Nurse / Practise manager 

Heidi is known for her caring nature with every patient that walks through our doors. She often opens her home and gives up weekends to ensure that injured and sick are properly looked after and loved.

Heidi has an eccentric collection of animals that share her home. Sheldon, a beautiful Staffy cross, Caesar the 3 legged Bulldog. Jordan, Mia and Spaghetti the cats.

Jordan was rescued by Nurse Heidi when he was very young and found in a nearby park.

Mia was part of a litter that Nurse Heidi hand raised. Spaghetti was also a rescue who was surrendered to the clinic at 5weeks old.

 Some of you may have already met Caesar,the three legged bulldog, he’s hard to forget! After being hit by a car Nurse Heidi adopted him and nursed him through his recovery and the loss of his leg. It certainly doesn’t slow him down one bit! Sheldon has been with Heidi the longest and helps keep the pack in line

Nurse Courtney

Courtney started with us as a very eager work experience student in Feburary 2018 

She has a keen interest in everything feline. Studying feline behaviour is one of her favourite areas to extened her knowlwdge.

Courtney graduated May 2019 with certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing 

She has already enrolled with ISFM to continue her study with a Certificate in Feline nursing.

Courtney shares her home with Timmy and Bot the adorable Domestic Short Hairs. 

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